Web Browser State Management

Web Browser is the primary application of all operating systems and for all professions. Online information availability is increased dramatically in all fields.

Now professionals can have access to more richer information on just a single click, sometimes this click open as the new tab and this interlinking of information lead to the bunch of open tabs.

Sometimes these bunch of open tabs slows down the computer or sometimes due to a change of priority we need to close all open tabs, but these open tabs are the result of your last couple of hours efforts and most of the time having quite rich information on the subject that can need a good number of effort if we want to continue our task or assignment on this subject later in the future to avoid this problem we can save this state of the web browser and can continue our task or assignment from this same state in later in future.

Create State

Right click on Tab

Click Bookmark All Tabs and save all bookmarks in a folder.

Re-Store State

Right click on the folder and click Open All

Video Tutorial



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vinay mavi

vinay mavi


Vinay is a Cloud Architect, T Shape Developer, Blogger, A Open Source Contributor, Reverse Mentorship Believer.